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Christmas, My 11th birthday, Dentist

Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I haven’t had time to. So today I’m going to talk about 3 things; Christmas (25/12/2015), My 11th birthday (16/01/2016)/ and The Dentist (08/02/2016).


For Christmas day we didn’t really do anything. First we opened presents from Mum, Dad and Santa (we opened them really early because I woke everyone up) I got a scooter, a cossie, The Hunger Games movies, The Hunger Games books, Counting By 7s book, and lots of other things that I cant remember. Next we went to church because my grandma is Catholic and it is really important to her, church was boring. After church my grandma and grandpa and my other grandma  came over for lunch. The next day we went to Berrara (the caravan park that my grandpa owns) with all of my cousins except for Aunty Mel, Uncle Dylan, Harlow, Harlem, and Luxy. They couldn’t come because Aunty Mel was pregnant. It was really fun. We stayed there for 1 week.

My 11th Birthday

On my 11th birthday I didn’t have a party. I just got a few friends and went to the movies to see Goosebumps. I wanted to see The 5th Wave but I wasn’t allowed because I invited my cousins Harlow and Harlem and they weren’t allowed to see The 5th Wave. For my birthday I got; A computer, a drawing book, a bracelet, 2 gift vouchers, a headband, clothes, books, and other things. and Tahina and Cohen wrapped up a bunch of things I already owned! Tahina even wrapped up a library book and some of her old clothes she wanted to give me.


Today I went to the dentist to get my herbst appliance or expander. Only I didn’t get an expander I got braces ): . First Peter (the orthodontist) put in the brackets, that took a looooooooong time. He then put in nickel titanium wire over it so my top teeth would all move evenly. Then he told me I have to make the most important decision: what colour “o rings” should I get? I chose light blue and very light purple. It still hurts now.

So that has been my blog. I hope you enjoyed it! Goodbye (:


Brackets before the nickel titanium wire.




Seeing my braces for the first time.



Some of the utensils they used.



Birthday hugs from my sister and brother.


We went to San Churro for dessert! Yum.




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Mum and Dad get married – again!

Hi, My mum and dad just got married in Kauai! On a secret beach just near St Regis Hotel, Kauai, Hawaii. My sister and I we’re flower girls and my little brother was a ring bearer. My brother also walked my mum down the aisle or the steps because there was no aisle. Cohen (my brother) walked mum down the stairs. Tahina (my sister) gave my dads ring to mum and I gave mums rings to dad. Next Frieda (the wedding celebrant) got my mum and dad to say their vows. After the vows Freida explained the sand ceremony and told mum and dad to get a scoop of sand from under each others feet and put it in a bowl. Next she got Cohen to do it, followed by Tahina and finally me. The wedding celebrant said “Now that you have mixed the sand together, it can never be separated into its normal piles. This represents that this family will forever be together.” She then told dad to put a lei on mum, next she told mum to put a lei on dad. She then told mum and dad to put a lei on Cohen, Tahina and me.

After the sand ceremony and lei exchange, she asked us kids if we wanted to say anything. Tahina, Cohen and I came up with a family motto and  this is what we said:

“We are the Hodges and we will love and support each other no matter what. We will have fun and learn while traveling the world together. We will be nice and happy and we will be awesome no matter what!”

Frieda was very touched and said it was one of the most beautiful things children had said at their parents wedding.

After we said our family motto, she asked mum and dad to put the rings on each other. When they exchanged rings, she told dad “You may now kiss the bride”! Tahina got embarrased when mum and dad kissed.

I liked being a flower girl. It was the second time I was a flower girl. The first time was for my mum’s cousin, Allan and Jane when they got married in the Philippines.


P.S This is the wedding celebrants website: www.kauaiweddingofficiant.com

Also Frieda if you are reading this, you we’re the best wedding celebrant ever! Thank You for making it an awesome wedding!

IMG_2605 IMG_2627 IMG_2664 IMG_2678 IMG_5877 IMG_7921 IMG_7928

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Capbreton, San Sebastian, Pamplona, Sardinia.

Hi we’ve been on the road for a week now. So far we have stayed at Capbreton. We didn’t do much, we went to the beach and had dinner right by the water. Then we went to San Sebastian and we stayed at the worst and stinkiest hotel ever. It was in the old part of San Sebastian and I don’t ever want to stay there ever again. It smelled old, like a yucky grandma and vomit. It was noisy outside because there were so many people partying.

After San Sebastian, we drove to Pamplona for the San Fermin Festival. San Fermin festival is the Running of the Bulls. It’s similar to Fête de Bayonne. Everyone wears white and red. We woke up at 5.45 in the morning and walked to the arena to watch the bull runners run into the arena. The running of the bulls starts at 8.00am each morning. They run for a kilometre towards the arena. We arrived at the arena at 6.30. The band came on to entertain the crowd and then the paramedics walked in. When they walked in, everybody cheers. Before the run, they put pictures of the bulls on the big screen with their names and weight. The heaviest bull was 600 kg! There was a countdown when the runners start to run. We watched the runners on the big screen and they came in just after 8.00am. When they come in, some jump over the fence and some stay in the arena because the ones that jump over the fence are scaredy cats and they don’t want to fight with the bulls. The brave ones stay and they release a bull one at a time and sometimes, two at a time. It was awesome and Cohen and Dad were being smart arses because they were clapping for the bulls. I wasn’t happy when I found out that at the end of the festival, they kill 13 of the bulls. I don’t think they should kill them because it’s cruel.

After the running of the bulls, we drove to Barcelona and caught a cruise ship to Sardinia. Sardinia is an island in Italy. So far we have hung out at the beach and there is this awesome hotel called Buddi Hotel. This morning I had a surf with dad and caught a couple of waves and the waves were really gutless. There was almost no waves. I think it is because there is no wind and we are at the Mediterranean Sea. The owner of the hotel is Francesco and he is really nice and the food is delicious. My favourite food is the seafood risotto.

Over the last three days we’ve been to three different beaches. We drove to La Pelosa beach, just past Stintino. Cohen couldn’t swim because he had a rash on his doodle. I went swimming with my sister Tahina and swam out to the buoy. The water was crystal clear.

The next day we drove to Castelsardo and swam between the rocks. We jumped off rocks and dove into the Mediterranean sea. We also went snorkelling and looked for dead sea urchins. We had a picnic on the rocks and ate roast chicken rolls. Castelsardo was really cool but I have tonnes of cuts from the rocks and reef.

Yesterday we drove 2 1/2 hours south to a beach called Cagliari. Cohen called it a waste of time because it was so hot, 36 degrees and the aircon in the car broke and we couldn’t find a hotel. We found a beach called BIkini beach but had to pay to sit on the beach. So we drove back to the other side of the island back to the same hotel, Buddi Hotel that we checked out of on the same day! Francesco kept laughing at us and he was really surprised to see us. Tahina and I played a trick on him and we walked in and said “We came back for the ravioli!”. Seriously, he has the best food. I like being back at this hotel because it is right across the road from the beach and Francesco is very nice.

Tonight we ate our last dinner at Francesco’s hotel. It was very delicious. I ate spaghetti with sea urchins. It tasted very seafoody and I really enjoyed it and ate all of it! I hope to come back to Sardinia and stay at Francesco’s hotel to see him.

Tomorrow we get back on the cruise ship to Barcelona. We are going to wake up at 5.30 in the morning. I’m looking forward to going back on the boat because it is going to be so much fun. The last time we were on it, it was night time and we didn’t get to see a lot of it.

In the middle of the San Fermin Festival, Pamplona, Spain.

In the middle of the San Fermin Festival, Pamplona, Spain.

There is a fake bull in our hotel Maisonnave!

There is a fake bull in our hotel Maisonnave!

The band to entertain the crowd before the bull runners run into the arena.

The band to entertain the crowd before the bull runners run into the arena.


Our cruise ship from Barcelona to Porto Torres, Sardinia.

Our cruise ship from Barcelona to Porto Torres, Sardinia.

Trying to surf in Sardinia. The waves were tiny.

Trying to surf in Sardinia. The waves were tiny.

Looking for dead sea urchins at Castelsardo Beach.

Looking for dead sea urchins at Castelsardo Beach.

My little bubba Cohen and me eating our chicken rolls.

My little bubba Cohen and me eating our chicken rolls.

Me, Alexandra, Francesco, Cohen and Tahina.

Me, Alexandra, Francesco, Cohen and Tahina.

Eating my spaghetti with sea urchins - so yummy!

Eating my spaghetti with sea urchins – so yummy!

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Hello again,

Day 1

I just got back from Cauterets which is in the Pyrenees. There was so much snow. We went to go hire some snowboards but the guys said that the mountain was closed because of all the snow! So we just took the gondola up the mountain to have a look. When we got to the top, you couldn’t see anything. We got a hot chocolate and it was the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted! When we finished we had a snowball fight. Dad threw it right at my face! We went back down on the gondola. The ride down took about 10-15 minutes. We went to a restaurant and had pizza for dinner. We went back to our hotel called Hotel Odaly’s.

This is me and my sister Tahina and brother Cohen on a gondola.

IMG_0884 IMG_0900

Day 2

We woke up and had our breakfast and went out to see if the mountain was open but it was still closed. The people there said there was a sledding mountain nearby so we hired three sleds. We got there and the mountain was awesome. Cohen went down so fast and did a huge aerial! We saw a man going down and he broke the toboggan! We just did that all day and had a baguette for dinner and then we went for a swim. There were so many pools.

This was one of the pools in our hotel. When we went swimming, it was night time and they had the glass cover on it.

Unknown IMG_3325

Day 3

We got up and had breakfast and went to check out but the lady at the reception said the road was closed and we would have to check out the next day at 8.00am but then we found out that the road was opening only at 3.00pm to let the people out of town but it really opened at 5.00pm and we got home at 8.30, right at our bed time!

Me and my mum.


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It’s my birthday and I’m 10!


This is a photo of me getting birthday kisses from my little brother and my little sister.


I turned 10 on Friday 16th of January. I got clothes and a UNO game and Crazy Cups game. I also got a vtech kidizoom watch. It takes photos, videos, you can play games on it, a timer and an alarm. It can also voice record and it is also a stop watch. And of course you can tell the time either by analogue or digital.  It is my favourite present.

When I went to school all my friends ran up to me and sang me a Happy Birthday in english. It was funny. For my birthday I took two of my friends out for lunch to an American restaurant and we filmed all around the restaurant with my new watch.

I didn’t want a party, I just wanted Dylan to come and have a sleep over.

Dylan is my friend from Australia. He is half french. He’s not really a friend, he is more like my cousin because we spend so much time with him. I just tell people he is my cousin.

This is a photo of me and my cake with my brother Cohen, my sister Tahina and my friend/pretend cousin Dylan.


I got lots of birthday messages from Australia and the Philippines. My family from Australia skyped me and my friend Indie sent me a skype message. But I haven’t gotten a skype call from my family in the Philippines.

On Tuesdays I do gymnastics and me and my little sister might be selected for a competition. The older girls that do gymnastics at my gymnastics school compete nationally and they placed 2nd in all of France last year! They are very good. I hope I get selected. I really like gymnastics and I want to do it at least 2 nights a week.

Today I learnt that for the first two days from when a baby is born, they see everything upside down.

I also learnt that the fear of long words is called hippopotmonstrosesquipedaliophobia.


Love Kalani.

Love Kalani


Children’s Day


Yesterday we were fooling around with mum and told her there was such a thing as Children’s Day. It turns out there is such a thing. I saw it on the internet.The United Nations decided there was going to be Children’s Day. They decided this in 1954. It is on November 20 every year. They do it to promote international togetherness and awareness among children and they do it worldwide.

Tahina, Cohen and I got together and we discussed what we want to happen on Children’s Day. This is what we came up with.

Children’s Day
by Kalani Tahina & Cohen

We dedicate this to the four cousins who died in Gaza whilst playing soccer on the beach.

We, Kalani, Tahina and Cohen propose Children’s Day. It will be held on August 27.

These are the things we children want to happen.

Parents should tell their kids their rights; to be safe, to be healthy, to be kind, to be happy, to always try their best and not be afraid
Kids to have fun all day
Swap presents with your best friends
Sing songs
Do art
Listen to music
Visit cool places like a kids museum
Kids eat lollies and ice cream
Have a huge party with friends in the park, playing children’s games and stay up very late!

Tahina, Cohen and I do not like war one bit. We don’t really understand it but we don’t think children should be hurt or die. We want the Presidents / Prime Ministers to just talk like civilized people!

From Kalani, Tahina and Cohen.

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San Sebastian.


Hi, the other day we had Cohen’s friend Dylan coming over for a play. Cohen can’t wait until he gets here. They like playing lego together. Sometimes Tahina joins in with them and plays with her lego. Image 

Also a couple of days ago we drove to Spain because we just wanted to see what it was like. It took half an hour in a car driving. We are very close to the Spanish border that’s why it was quick. 

We went to San Sebastian, ate lunch and had ice cream. Tahina, Cohen and I even had a treasure hunt. At the restaurant, they gave out little swords with your meals. So we looked for them and collected them. We have 12 swords all together. 

Tahina and Cohen sometimes fight over them but that’s ok. That’s all for now. 



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We’re in France!

Hi, I am in France! 

This is how we got here from Manila. We woke up at 4:00 in the morning and got a taxi to the airport. We went through customs and immigration. Then we finally got on the plane to London. It took 15 hours to get there. Next we got a shuttle bus to our hotel, Holiday Inn, where we would stay the night. In the morning after breakfast, we got another bus to the airport and got the plane to France. It took 2 hours. When we got off the plane we saw our friend. His name is Dylan. He is mostly Cohen’s friend though. When we got out of the airport, we had a look at our new car. Then we drove to our new house. 

It is amazing! I get my own room and I hope to learn French. I am going to Cohen’s friends school and his two sisters but they are teenagers. 

That’s all! GOODBYE!!! 


My brother Cohen, my sister Tahina, me and my dad at Heathrow Airport. Image


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Hi, when I was in Cabaritta, we had a BBQ. 

There was Navrin who is 5, Sunny who is 3. 

There was also another Sunny who is 5, Parker who is 7, Max who is 10, Indianna who is 8, Cohen, Tahina and me!

We played a game where girls have to attack the boys. Then boys had to attack girls. It was fun at first but then it got too rough so me and Indi went down to reception and got Monopoly. 

After one game we all decided that we wanted to play Minecraft. So I got on my ipad. Tahina got on her ipad and Max got on his ipod touch. 

I think because we were calm the adults thought we were tired so everyone started to go home. 

It was an AWESOME night! 

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New friend Josh.


Today I started school a bit late because Tahina was taking for ever! Anyway it’s only six more days until I go to Sydney Yay! Oh Tahina’s tooth fell out in the pool she got 100 pesos!

Oh I met a friend named Josh. He gets tutored in the playroom at our building. We play together at break time. We have a car race. Tahina sets up the finishing line, Josh sets up the obstacles and I choose the cars! We have so much fun that we offered him to come to our apartment. He said he didn’t know if he was allowed but he’ll ask. yay. Bye!


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