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Peace to the full brace.

Peace to the full brace.

Hi I’m Kalani and today I will be talking about three things.

Firstly, my class has been training for a frisbee tournament. The tournament was near Biarritz airport. We got there by bus and it lasted for three hours. Our class was split into teams but then the class competed with other classes from other schools.

In my team I had Auria, Stella, Elise, Prune and me. We won all four matches and overall our school won! It was a lot of fun. Mum forgot to pack me food but it didn’t matter because almost everyone except for two people forgot to pack food so they both shared it with us.

After the frisbee tournament we went back to school. Almost everyone in the school does a thing called NAP. It’s like afternoon activities but it is done in the school. So for my NAP, I do Capoeira. Capoeira is Brazilian martial arts. I learnt how to do kicks and I enjoyed it. After capoeira, I went straight to my judo class. It is a lot of sport for one day!

Secondly, I went to somebody’s birthday party. Her name is Adeline but we call her Addy. I know Addy from gymnastics. It was really nice of her to invite me and my sister because we only see her for 2 hours every week. Her party was awesome! We stayed in the pool all day because it was hot, 33 degrees. There was only 1 other girl from gymnastics and the rest were from her school, I guess. We were supposed to do karaoke and play games but it was too hot so it was good to play in the pool. Her cake was amazing! We all got a slice of cheesecake, chocolate cake and ice cream. I called it a 5 star restaurant dessert.

At Addy's house.

At Addy’s house.

Mini burgers and sausage rolls for Addy's birthday party.

Mini burgers and sausage rolls for Addy’s birthday party.

The final and most exciting thing I want to talk about is my shoulder. I was doing a back flip at gymnastics and Addy was supposed to be helping me but she accidentally made me fall and I twisted my left shoulder. As soon as I did it, it really hurt and I cried. Bidou, my gymnastics instructor told me to sit down. They put ice on it and bandaged it with a scarf. When my mum came, Bidou told my mum to take me straight to hospital. We went to Sab’s house because mum didn’t know where the hospital was and needed help in translating what I did in french. Sab came to the hospital with us and we left Cohen and Tahina with Richard. We went to Biarritz emergency and they took some x-rays. It’s the second time I’ve had an x-ray. The first time I had an x-ray was on my hand when I fell off my trampoline. Anyway, I went to the radiology department. He took x-rays of my shoulder and the result was that I didn’t have any fractures and I didn’t pop any bones out of place. The doctor then examined me and because it hurt in certain spots, she said I twisted my clavicle when I was bending backwards and fell! I am now in a brace and my shoulder really hurts when I move in certain ways. Right now it is really hurting and mum gave me Advil which is a pain killer. I have to have my brace on for 10 days. I like the brace because it’s cool but it is annoying when I’m doing school work or eating. For example, I can’t cut paper and rule a line so Matteo  who sits next to me has to help me and someone has cut up my food.

My shoulder hurts but I like the brace.

My shoulder hurts but I like the brace.

My shoulder hurts but Sab is making it better.

My shoulder hurts but Sab is making it better.

I'm really scared.

I’m really scared.

Peace to the full brace.

Peace to the full brace.

Dad hasn’t seen it yet but he is coming back in four hours. I can’t wait to show him. By the way my mum has typed all this out for me because I can’t type.

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It’s my birthday and I’m 10!


This is a photo of me getting birthday kisses from my little brother and my little sister.


I turned 10 on Friday 16th of January. I got clothes and a UNO game and Crazy Cups game. I also got a vtech kidizoom watch. It takes photos, videos, you can play games on it, a timer and an alarm. It can also voice record and it is also a stop watch. And of course you can tell the time either by analogue or digital.  It is my favourite present.

When I went to school all my friends ran up to me and sang me a Happy Birthday in english. It was funny. For my birthday I took two of my friends out for lunch to an American restaurant and we filmed all around the restaurant with my new watch.

I didn’t want a party, I just wanted Dylan to come and have a sleep over.

Dylan is my friend from Australia. He is half french. He’s not really a friend, he is more like my cousin because we spend so much time with him. I just tell people he is my cousin.

This is a photo of me and my cake with my brother Cohen, my sister Tahina and my friend/pretend cousin Dylan.


I got lots of birthday messages from Australia and the Philippines. My family from Australia skyped me and my friend Indie sent me a skype message. But I haven’t gotten a skype call from my family in the Philippines.

On Tuesdays I do gymnastics and me and my little sister might be selected for a competition. The older girls that do gymnastics at my gymnastics school compete nationally and they placed 2nd in all of France last year! They are very good. I hope I get selected. I really like gymnastics and I want to do it at least 2 nights a week.

Today I learnt that for the first two days from when a baby is born, they see everything upside down.

I also learnt that the fear of long words is called hippopotmonstrosesquipedaliophobia.


Love Kalani.

Love Kalani


Gymnastics Show Day.



I do gymnastics and it was really fun and I was given a gold medal for Show Day. Show Day was really fun because all the parents got to come in and watch us do gymnastics. My favourite skill is a pull over front support on a bar. I think next year I’m going to work on my backward extension rolls and front handsprings. 

Gymnastics is really fun and my friend Isis wants to join next year. Hopefully she is really good so she can join in the advanced class with us. 

I enjoy gymnastics because gymnastics is what I always like to do and I do it every second year. I started to do it when I was four and then I did ballet and then I did dancing. I also like it because it keeps me fit and I meet lots of new friends like Maya, Summer, Bea and Tasha. 

My teachers are teacher Jopet, teacher Abby and teacher Rizza. They are really fun teachers and I’ve learnt so much from them. 


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Hi! You know how I said yesterday that I was going to Marikina?. Well I did and I went to see my Uncle Jal and Uncle Jal had a baby called Tala. She is just 1 week old. But guess what? I’m the God Mother of Tala!!! It sounds strange because I’m only 8 years old but I’m a God Mother! That means I have to take care of her, guide her to be & do good and be a role model. Mum thinks she should be the God Mother because Tala was born on mums birthday, October 22. Uncle Jal and his mum and dad was going to have dinner with us for Mum’s birthday but they couldn’t come because Tala was being born.

Tala is so cute even though Cohen, my brother doesn’t like her.  He thinks that baby’s are boring. I don’t know why? He just does – he thinks everything is boring. He even says to mums friends “come on your wasting my time” or “your boring”. He’s a bit rude sometimes. But he’s really nice too. Tala has a really cute nose and makes a funny noise.  

Dads home and we’re going to Taiwan in a couple of days and I can’t wait! In Taiwan we’re going to hire a camper van and drive around the country. 

Oh and for the first time dad is coming to watch me and Tahina do gymnastics. I can do a front handspring, a cartwheel on a high beam and a roly poly on a high beam too. In Taiwan we’re going to hire a camper van and drive around I can’t wait.  


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