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13 responses to “Featured Events List

  1. Bronwyn Jeffree says:

    Hi Kalani, 3J is looking at your blog today. It’s so great to see that you’re having a great time. We will use your blog as part of our literacy groups today. Keep writing posts. All the best, Mrs Jeffree and 3J

    • kalanihodge says:

      Hi Mrs Jeffree and 3J,
      Thank You for looking at my blog. I’m about to go on the Maokong Gondola at the Taipei zoo. It is the biggest zoo in Asia. I can’t wait to go.
      Write back soon please.
      From Kalani

  2. Merryn Sloan says:

    Hi Kalani it’s Merryn what have you been up to. We looked at your blog at school today it is a good thing that you put it on, at school we saw your Halloween costume it looked really good i was a witch too please keep in sending posts. Al thanks From Merryn.

  3. Anna livermore says:

    Have fun at the zoo you lovely family Hodge!

  4. Anna livermore says:

    We miss u

  5. Evie Livermore 💥 says:

    😿miss u were here

  6. Merryn Sloan says:

    Hi Kalni it’s good to here from you!

  7. Merryn Sloan says:

    Hi Kalani It sounds like you have had a really exiting holiday please send back soon i really miss you so much bye bye. ***

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