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New Zealand!!!

on August 5, 2016



Top of Mt Hutt


Watching a poet busker


Skimming rocks at Lake Tekapo


New Zealand!!Last Saturday we left Sydney and flew to Christchurch in New Zealand. The 23rd country we’ve been to now! After we landed and collected our bags and did the usual boring stuff we went to the rental car place to get our car. Then we went to Ski Time Lodge in Methven which was the place we were staying at. The next day we hired snowboards and drove up to Mt Hutt the 4th ski field we have been to. It was a really sketchy drive, almost as bad as the one in the Philippines where we had to drive across a river on 2 planks of wood! I don’t think I had started my blog yet when we did that. Anyway the drive on Mt Hutt was crazy. We were driving on the mountain and there was a massive drop on one side of us and on the other was the mountain. We had to park at windy point (the second car park) because the top car park was full. Then we had to get a bus up to the actual ski field. Once we had bought our ski passes we ate lunch because we were really hungry. After we ate we went half way up the mountain and did a few runs then we went up to the top and it was really fun. In 2015 Mt Hutt was voted the best ski field in New Zealand so that explains why it was so fun. We had to get a bus back to windy point so we lined up but there were no more spaces left in the bus so this mountain guide asked if we wanted a ride down to windy point in his car. We got in and there weren’t any actual seats, just these benches in the back of a four wheel drive. While we were driving down the mountain guide told us that only last month a guy drove right off the edge of the mountain and he rolled five times. But guess what? He only broke his pinkie finger and his rib.
The second day we did half a day and the third day we did the same. On the fourth day we drove for 5 hours to Queenstown. During the drive we stopped at Lake Tekapo and Tahina Cohen and I skimmed rocks while mum and dad had a swim! When we got there we checked into the Copthorne Lakeside Hotel and relaxed. The next day we hired snowboards and went to The Remarkables, the 5th ski field we have been to. Snowboarding in The Remarkables was fun but I think Mt Hutt was better. Today we woke up and at 10:30 we went to went to Queenstown Harbour to go jet boating! It was really really fun! Tomorrow we are going to wake up early and drive back to Methven so we can snowboard. The day after that we fly back to Australia.
Bye! Kalani


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