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Christmas, My 11th birthday, Dentist

on February 8, 2016

Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I haven’t had time to. So today I’m going to talk about 3 things; Christmas (25/12/2015), My 11th birthday (16/01/2016)/ and The Dentist (08/02/2016).


For Christmas day we didn’t really do anything. First we opened presents from Mum, Dad and Santa (we opened them really early because I woke everyone up) I got a scooter, a cossie, The Hunger Games movies, The Hunger Games books, Counting By 7s book, and lots of other things that I cant remember. Next we went to church because my grandma is Catholic and it is really important to her, church was boring. After church my grandma and grandpa and my other grandma  came over for lunch. The next day we went to Berrara (the caravan park that my grandpa owns) with all of my cousins except for Aunty Mel, Uncle Dylan, Harlow, Harlem, and Luxy. They couldn’t come because Aunty Mel was pregnant. It was really fun. We stayed there for 1 week.

My 11th Birthday

On my 11th birthday I didn’t have a party. I just got a few friends and went to the movies to see Goosebumps. I wanted to see The 5th Wave but I wasn’t allowed because I invited my cousins Harlow and Harlem and they weren’t allowed to see The 5th Wave. For my birthday I got; A computer, a drawing book, a bracelet, 2 gift vouchers, a headband, clothes, books, and other things. and Tahina and Cohen wrapped up a bunch of things I already owned! Tahina even wrapped up a library book and some of her old clothes she wanted to give me.


Today I went to the dentist to get my herbst appliance or expander. Only I didn’t get an expander I got braces ): . First Peter (the orthodontist) put in the brackets, that took a looooooooong time. He then put in nickel titanium wire over it so my top teeth would all move evenly. Then he told me I have to make the most important decision: what colour “o rings” should I get? I chose light blue and very light purple. It still hurts now.

So that has been my blog. I hope you enjoyed it! Goodbye (:


Brackets before the nickel titanium wire.




Seeing my braces for the first time.



Some of the utensils they used.



Birthday hugs from my sister and brother.


We went to San Churro for dessert! Yum.





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