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on December 17, 2015

Hi, today I’m going to do a random blog post because I just feel like doing my blog!

Yesterday we went to Flip out. It was so awesome! Flip out is a trampoline arena. There are trampolines every where even on the walls! There are also foam pits that you jump in. I kept jumping on the trampolines and doing front flips into the foam pits, it was so awesome! Also by coincidence we saw my aunty and my cousin Dakoda. We had lots of fun at Flip out.

Today my Grandma came over and so did my cousin Kirra.  Kirra dared me to ask my Grandma if she could twerk and guess what the answer was? YES and she tried to twerk. No I’m just kidding the answer was no. However, my other grandma twerked in the park a few days ago. We also swam in the pool for a long time until Kirra had to leave, so my brother, sister and I were left home alone. Kirra just came back a few minutes ago for a sleep over and she is reading this as I type it because she is waiting for me to finish so she can throw water balloons at me :D. To be precise she has 250 water balloons to throw at me.

Well that was my random blog. I hope you liked it! 😀 bye .


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