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on December 11, 2015

Hi, sorry  I haven’t been posting things lately. I’ve been busy at my new school (well not really busy because we have no homework, its more like I keep forgetting to do my blog).

I love my new school, its so cool! Lately my teacher Scott has been teaching me programming. He has also been showing me how to use Kali Linux (a hacking operating system.) Because its the end of the year we have only been doing follow up and some other kids have been doing memo (multiplication) as well, however because I am on the highest level of memo I don’t have to do it.

Ok there are 1, 2, 3, 4 things I want to talk about so I’m going to say them one by one:

1. A day at Montessori is like this: I come in and sign in, next I get out my work diary and write the time and the thing that I will be doing. The first thing I usually do is memo, so I do memo and then write the time I finish. By then I’m probably a bit hungry so I’ll get out my lunch box and eat a snack. After snack, I do whatever math I’m up to and write it in my work diary. When I have completed my maths, I do spelling and punctuation. Then I’ll probably get a lesson from Allison or Scott on something like geography, geometry. When the lesson is complete,  I’ll do the follow up for that lesson. I have to write everything in my work diary. At 11:45 its pack up so I give my work diary to my teacher and do my job. My job changes every week and every kid has a job to do. For example, pack away tables and chairs, clean the bathroom or cleaning the back room.  After our jobs are done, we eat lunch and then go outside to play. When we get back its silent reading so we get a book and read it. When thats done if its a Thursday or Friday sometime in the afternoon we’ll have book club. We can work on whatever we want in the afternoon as long as its productive. When the day is over we wait outside the gate for our parents and when they are here we go home. Thats a day at Montessori.

2. In my class we did a Kris Kringle. I got a girl called Rebecca. I gave her the new 1 Direction album “Made in the A.M” because she is obsessed with 1D . My sister’s best friend Claire got my name and she gave me this thing that projects stars all around the room. It is really cool.

3.  We have been doing a play, its a mix of Cleopatra, Hamlet and Romeo        and Juliette. The play was re-written by Cherie, our substitute teacher. We did the play on the last day of school . I was Cleopatra’s first hand maiden.

4. We did a Monti Mingle (Monti Mingle is basically a fair). It was really cool. My friends and I just did things that you would normally do at fair like; watch someone try and do front flips and keeps failing and then one of your best friends come over and does a perfect backflip. Things like that.

We are on school holidays now so for Christmas we might be going to Japan! Thats my blog, bye.



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