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Mum and Dad get married – again!

on October 7, 2015

Hi, My mum and dad just got married in Kauai! On a secret beach just near St Regis Hotel, Kauai, Hawaii. My sister and I we’re flower girls and my little brother was a ring bearer. My brother also walked my mum down the aisle or the steps because there was no aisle. Cohen (my brother) walked mum down the stairs. Tahina (my sister) gave my dads ring to mum and I gave mums rings to dad. Next Frieda (the wedding celebrant) got my mum and dad to say their vows. After the vows Freida explained the sand ceremony and told mum and dad to get a scoop of sand from under each others feet and put it in a bowl. Next she got Cohen to do it, followed by Tahina and finally me. The wedding celebrant said “Now that you have mixed the sand together, it can never be separated into its normal piles. This represents that this family will forever be together.” She then told dad to put a lei on mum, next she told mum to put a lei on dad. She then told mum and dad to put a lei on Cohen, Tahina and me.

After the sand ceremony and lei exchange, she asked us kids if we wanted to say anything. Tahina, Cohen and I came up with a family motto and  this is what we said:

“We are the Hodges and we will love and support each other no matter what. We will have fun and learn while traveling the world together. We will be nice and happy and we will be awesome no matter what!”

Frieda was very touched and said it was one of the most beautiful things children had said at their parents wedding.

After we said our family motto, she asked mum and dad to put the rings on each other. When they exchanged rings, she told dad “You may now kiss the bride”! Tahina got embarrased when mum and dad kissed.

I liked being a flower girl. It was the second time I was a flower girl. The first time was for my mum’s cousin, Allan and Jane when they got married in the Philippines.


P.S This is the wedding celebrants website: www.kauaiweddingofficiant.com

Also Frieda if you are reading this, you we’re the best wedding celebrant ever! Thank You for making it an awesome wedding!

IMG_2605 IMG_2627 IMG_2664 IMG_2678 IMG_5877 IMG_7921 IMG_7928


One response to “Mum and Dad get married – again!

  1. Michelle says:

    What a beautiful family celebration. I love the idea of the sand ceremony. All the best to the beautiful Hodge family

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