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My last day of French School.

on July 14, 2015

Friday 3rd of July was my last day of school. My friends prepared a surprise for me. It was a book filled with drawings and messages about me and to me. Nice messages of course! They gave it to me during the last break of school. They also gave me a bunch of beautiful flowers. It was really really nice because it made me feel happy. I made some really good friends at Ecole Eléméntaire Aristide Briand and I will miss them all, especially Lilou, Maya, Pauline, Prune, Mila, Stella, Ellori, Margot, Jeahnne, Auria, Lucie, Chloe, Winona, Axelle, Noé, Yanis, Luigi, Mae-lou, Erine and Elise. When I walked out of school, my best friends were waiting outside the school gate for me and I asked them why there were all crying. They said it was because I was leaving school and leaving France. We all hugged for a very long time and we were all crying our eyes out, even my mum was crying! I am going to keep in touch with all my friends because I want to see them again. I hope to come back to France in 6 months. If I don’t go back to France in 6 months, I would really like to come here when I’m a teenager and go to high-school here.

Me and some of my friends.

Me and some of my friends.

IMG_4243 IMG_4244

me with Prune.

me with Prune.


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