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School Camp at Labenne.

on July 8, 2015

On Monday 29 June 2015, I went on a school camp to Labenne which is half an hour from our school. We all took our bikes with us and they put our bikes on a truck towed behind a bus. We went for three days and two nights. We arrived on Monday and as soon as we got there we unpacked our bags and got into our rooms. I slept with some of my best friends. They are Lilou, Maya, Pauline and Prune. We stayed in a hotel.

After we settled, we went for a test bike ride for an hour then we came back to eat lunch. Mum packed me some food which was pizza, two nectarines and a small kitkat. When we finished eating lunch, we had free play all afternoon and then we ate dinner. For entree we ate salad and then for main meal we ate rabbit. My friend Prune didn’t tell me it was rabbit until after I ate it. It was the first time I had eaten rabbit and it was delicious! I would eat it again. For dessert we had cherries. After dinner, we just went to bed.

On the following day, we ate cereal for breakfast and then we rode our bikes to the zoo. That day was 46 degrees! At the zoo we saw jaguars, zebras, llamas, wallabies, kangaroos and a tiny bear with a huge tail but I never knew what it was called because I had never seen it before. It was cool to see the kangaroos and wallabies, it reminded me of being back in Berrara in Australia.

After the zoo we rode back to the hotel and played y per viè plaqué which is like bullrush but instead of touching the other person, you have to tackle them down! I was the 3rd last person standing. Almost everyone tried to tackle me! We then rode our bikes to Hossegor to eat lunch. We all had a rabbit sandwich and potato chips then we played some games but everyone got bored of it so we had a water fight! At first the teachers didn’t want us to get wet but in the end, they joined in! I think I was the wettest because Enzo and Flavio kept on wetting me so I teamed up with Mila, one of my best friends and it was awesome! After our water fight, we rode back to the hotel and ate dinner. I cant remember what we ate that night but afterwards, the teachers put on a disco which was really fun because everyone was dancing. We went to bed at 11:00 at night. The next morning we didn’t do much, we just had free play and waited until the bus arrived. When the bus arrived we all got on and drove back to our school. We arrived at school at 4:00pm. All our parents were waiting for us. Before we left the school grounds, the teachers gave us a chocolatine which is a croissant filled with chocolate. I had such a good time at my camp. So thats the end of my blog.


Me with some of my friends.

Me with some of my friends.

IMG_4205 IMG_4204

All of our bikes inside a truck.

All of our bikes inside a truck.

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