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April Fools’ Day in France

on April 10, 2015


It was April Fools’ Day in France on 1st April and to celebrate April Fools’ Day, you stick fish on people’s back. The fake fish is made out of paper. I got tons of fish on my back and in my hair. My friends would pretend to pat me on the back and say “Hey Kalani, what are you doing?” but they were really sticking fish on my back! They stick it on and run away and yell out “Poisson d’avril” which means April Fish.

In France, April Fools’ Day is known as “Poisson d’avril” or April Fish. It dates back to 1564 because the French used to believe that the year started on the 1st of April. They believed this up until the mid-sixteenth century and then the King of France, Charles IX changed it to 1st January.

We also did a prank on our teacher. We pretended nobody showed up to class and we hid behind a little wall at the back of the school. Our teacher had to find us and bring us back to class. When we arrived to class, we did another prank by changing seats! My teacher, Madame Duro, started to get angry at us so she made us do maths. We were supposed to do art.






2 responses to “April Fools’ Day in France

  1. Natasha Marsh says:

    Thanks for enlightening me, Kalani! I didn’t know any of that! Shame your teacher got angry instead of laughing……hope you get a double dose of art class next week! 🙂

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