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on February 4, 2015

Hello again,

Day 1

I just got back from Cauterets which is in the Pyrenees. There was so much snow. We went to go hire some snowboards but the guys said that the mountain was closed because of all the snow! So we just took the gondola up the mountain to have a look. When we got to the top, you couldn’t see anything. We got a hot chocolate and it was the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted! When we finished we had a snowball fight. Dad threw it right at my face! We went back down on the gondola. The ride down took about 10-15 minutes. We went to a restaurant and had pizza for dinner. We went back to our hotel called Hotel Odaly’s.

This is me and my sister Tahina and brother Cohen on a gondola.

IMG_0884 IMG_0900

Day 2

We woke up and had our breakfast and went out to see if the mountain was open but it was still closed. The people there said there was a sledding mountain nearby so we hired three sleds. We got there and the mountain was awesome. Cohen went down so fast and did a huge aerial! We saw a man going down and he broke the toboggan! We just did that all day and had a baguette for dinner and then we went for a swim. There were so many pools.

This was one of the pools in our hotel. When we went swimming, it was night time and they had the glass cover on it.

Unknown IMG_3325

Day 3

We got up and had breakfast and went to check out but the lady at the reception said the road was closed and we would have to check out the next day at 8.00am but then we found out that the road was opening only at 3.00pm to let the people out of town but it really opened at 5.00pm and we got home at 8.30, right at our bed time!

Me and my mum.



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