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It’s my birthday and I’m 10!

on January 18, 2015


This is a photo of me getting birthday kisses from my little brother and my little sister.


I turned 10 on Friday 16th of January. I got clothes and a UNO game and Crazy Cups game. I also got a vtech kidizoom watch. It takes photos, videos, you can play games on it, a timer and an alarm. It can also voice record and it is also a stop watch. And of course you can tell the time either by analogue or digital.  It is my favourite present.

When I went to school all my friends ran up to me and sang me a Happy Birthday in english. It was funny. For my birthday I took two of my friends out for lunch to an American restaurant and we filmed all around the restaurant with my new watch.

I didn’t want a party, I just wanted Dylan to come and have a sleep over.

Dylan is my friend from Australia. He is half french. He’s not really a friend, he is more like my cousin because we spend so much time with him. I just tell people he is my cousin.

This is a photo of me and my cake with my brother Cohen, my sister Tahina and my friend/pretend cousin Dylan.


I got lots of birthday messages from Australia and the Philippines. My family from Australia skyped me and my friend Indie sent me a skype message. But I haven’t gotten a skype call from my family in the Philippines.

On Tuesdays I do gymnastics and me and my little sister might be selected for a competition. The older girls that do gymnastics at my gymnastics school compete nationally and they placed 2nd in all of France last year! They are very good. I hope I get selected. I really like gymnastics and I want to do it at least 2 nights a week.

Today I learnt that for the first two days from when a baby is born, they see everything upside down.

I also learnt that the fear of long words is called hippopotmonstrosesquipedaliophobia.


Love Kalani.

Love Kalani

2 responses to “It’s my birthday and I’m 10!

  1. “Today I learnt that for the first two days from when a baby is born, they see everything upside down.” —

    I guess we should all do handstands when talking to babies then!

  2. Leila Marsh says:

    Hi Kalani
    Happy Birthday good luck for your gymnastics try outs. I do gymnastics ,but I’ve never been in a competition before i love the sound of your new watch.
    love from Leila. 🙂

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