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on December 21, 2014


Last week I went to Barcelona, Spain. It was so beautiful we stayed in an amazing hotel called Hotel Regina. We also went to a nature park, Park Guell. We ate lunch there. I was eating a cupcake and I got attacked my pigeons and I think I made the people sitting next to us a bit angry because they were looking at us and there were pigeons flying everywhere. When we got back from the park I went shopping at H & M with mum and Tahina. I bought one T-shirt, a pair of jeans and a black cardigan. Dad stayed in the hotel with Cohen because he was sick. Cohen had the flu and mum bought him medicine. Cohen kept us up all night because he had snot in his nose and couldn’t breathe.

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and it is in the Mediterranean sea.

Oh it’s holidays for 2 weeks now in France and I get christmas tomorrow because my dad is going to work in Papua New Guinea on Tuesday. On the last day of school, the school  gave all the kids a bag of lollies and a Santa candle holder.  The bag of lollies were made by my friend’s mum. Mum didn’t let us eat them all. I had some and they were yum.


IMG_0801 IMG_0802 IMG_0817 IMG_0832


2 responses to “Barcelona

  1. Gabrielle Ong says:

    AWESOME!!!!! I went to Barcelona before and it was brilliant!!!

    Kind regards,

    Gabrielle Ong😃😃


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