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on October 28, 2014

Hi I’m in Salamanca, Spain right now. It is half way between France & Portugal. It’s really pretty and I love it. It has the fourth oldest university in the world! It was founded in 1134 and Christopher Columbus lectured at the university. Christopher Columbus is an explorer and he discovered Brazil and America. He is Italian and completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean. Salamanca is famous for it’s university. I was reading about Salamanca and I found out that Salamanca was declared a UNESCO world heritage sight in 1988. UNESCO stands for United Nations Educational Science Cultural Organisation. It means they bring peace and universal respect for human rights. It means you can’t just go up to someone and kill or hurt them because you want their land.

We went to a plaza and had yummy breakfast. I thought the city was clean and there were lots of cobblestone streets and I liked it. Overall, Salamanca is awesome!






5 responses to “Salamanca

  1. I love your travel blog, Kalani. Admittedly, I am also a bit envious that you get to visit these wonderful places. I hope that someday I would be able to do the same. It is not everyday that kids like you are blessed by wonderful parents who value travel and “life experiences”, so make sure that you always express your thanks to your mum and dad; always give them big hugs and fat kisses.

    Your uncle Jal misses you a lot. Be a good girl and always be safe. Send my regards to your mum, dad, Princess Tahina and Darth Cohen. 😉

    Hugs and Kisses,
    Uncle Jal

  2. Natasha Marsh says:

    Hi Kalani,
    Thanks for the gorgeous post. Wow, you look like you’ve done a lot of growing! Did you know there’s a Salamanca market they run in Hobart? I wonder if there’s a connection? I’ll be sure to show this post to the girls. Leila is off on her first school camp tomorrow – lots of excitement and a few nerves. xx Natasha

  3. Hi Kalani, your post is very interesting I am glad you like Salamanca it is a place I have never heard of. I love the photo of you and Cohen with your father. Damien looks good in black! Keep the posts coming I enjoy reading them. au revoir. je t’aime. Russell

  4. Gabrielle Ong says:

    Hi Kalani!

    I went to the exact places you went to too!


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