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Bayonne Festival

on July 25, 2014


On Wednesday Fetes de Bayonne started. The first festival was held on July 13 1932. A group of friends in the Aviron Bayonnais Rugby Team wanted to create a festival like in San Fermin in Pampalona, Spain. It is the biggest festival in France and the fourth biggest festival in the world. You have to get dressed in white with a red belt and a red scarf around your neck. It is really called Fetes de Bayonne. I didn’t go for the first day because it really started at midnight on Wednesday. So I went on Thursday because that was Children’s Day. It was really fun. First we woke up Roi Leon, the Festival king with our friends Sabine and Dylan. We sang songs to wake him up and gets woken up at 12.00pm.





Next we went and ate at a bar. I started a confetti fight with the kids that were there because we all bought huge bags of confetti. Next Sabine, Dylan, mum, Tahina, Cohen and I went on some rides. Rirst we went on the mechanical bulls, it was really fun. The next ride we went on were the bumper cars. Tahina and I kept bumping into people. Our last game was one where you have to catch ten ducks to get a prize. Cohen chose a toy gun with some bullets and a target. Tahina chose a stick of bubbles and I chose a hula hoop. The Bayonne Festival was really fun and we’re going back there on Sunday. I hope Sunday will be even more FUN!!!!

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