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Children’s Day

on July 21, 2014


Yesterday we were fooling around with mum and told her there was such a thing as Children’s Day. It turns out there is such a thing. I saw it on the internet.The United Nations decided there was going to be Children’s Day. They decided this in 1954. It is on November 20 every year. They do it to promote international togetherness and awareness among children and they do it worldwide.

Tahina, Cohen and I got together and we discussed what we want to happen on Children’s Day. This is what we came up with.

Children’s Day
by Kalani Tahina & Cohen

We dedicate this to the four cousins who died in Gaza whilst playing soccer on the beach.

We, Kalani, Tahina and Cohen propose Children’s Day. It will be held on August 27.

These are the things we children want to happen.

Parents should tell their kids their rights; to be safe, to be healthy, to be kind, to be happy, to always try their best and not be afraid
Kids to have fun all day
Swap presents with your best friends
Sing songs
Do art
Listen to music
Visit cool places like a kids museum
Kids eat lollies and ice cream
Have a huge party with friends in the park, playing children’s games and stay up very late!

Tahina, Cohen and I do not like war one bit. We don’t really understand it but we don’t think children should be hurt or die. We want the Presidents / Prime Ministers to just talk like civilized people!

From Kalani, Tahina and Cohen.

One response to “Children’s Day

  1. Natasha Marsh says:

    Hi clever girl! I’ve already told your mum on facebook that I think this is a great idea, but wanted to tell you too! I have printed offf your rainbow version of this and will be sharing it with the girls this afternoon. I think they will think it’s a great idea too. Although we wil be on the opposite ends of the earth, we will also have Childrens Day here on August 27. x

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