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Geneva, Switzerland

on July 10, 2014

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Geneva was really cool. We went to to huge castle called Chateau de Chillon and it was built in 1100! It was a real castle and we got to look around inside it. I got to sit on the castle toilet. At first I didn’t know what it was and I accidentally put my face down it! My favourite room was the dungeon. In the dungeon they killed people by hanging them by the neck! It was eerie.
The castle was like a museum too. I saw a portrait of Salavador Dali. He is a Spanish surrealist painter. I like him.
I also jumped off a very high diving plank. I smashed my arms on the water and it went purple! I also went roller blading with my sister.
After a long day we got on the road and had a nine hour drive back home.

My favourite place was probably Venice! It was an awesome experience traveling to all of the countries. I am very lucky!

from Kalani


One response to “Geneva, Switzerland

  1. Gabrielle Ong says:

    Hi Kalani!

    I’m so sorry that I wasn’t e-mailing u. I didn’t have internet. Paris was so fun! Did u see the castle built on a bridge

    Kind regards

    Gabrielle Ong😃😃


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