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Milan and Venice are in Italy.

on July 8, 2014




I went to Milan and I saw a massive cathedral. The Milan Cathedral is dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente. It took six centuries to complete and it opened in 1965. It has a gothic look to it. I went inside with my Dad, my brother and sister. Mum wasn’t allowed in because she was wearing denim shorts and shorts are not allowed inside. Inside the cathedral were amazing stained glass windows.

In Venice we went on a really cool gondola. Before the gondola ride we took a ferry along the grand canal. That was amazing! We stopped for lunch and ate Italian ice cream which was delicious!

We did the gondola ride in the afternoon, it was good timing because the sun was setting.
The person who steers a gondola is called a gondolier. Our gondolier’s name is Stefano and he was really nice and he taught me a lot about Venice. For example there are 125 islands and 427 bridges connecting the islands. The rich people donated the bridges. You can tell who donated each bridge because each family had its own coat of arms which they cemented on the bridge. Each year Venice sinks 2 cm every year! After the gondola ride, we had some Italian pasta, lobster, bread and gnocchi and then we all gave mum a rose! I loved Venice!

2 responses to “Milan and Venice are in Italy.

  1. Natasha Marsh says:

    Hi Kalani, I’ve really enjoyed your last few blogs, and I agree – the people in Monte Carlo show-off a bit!!! x x Natasha

    • kalanihodge says:

      Hi Natasha
      Can you say hi to Leila, Nairi and Jason for me? It is good to here from you. Thank you for reading my blog. Our next trip will be to Paris and maybe Belgium and Amsterdam.
      Bye from Kalani

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