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The last week of school.

on July 6, 2014

Hi I’m sorry I haven’t been writing in my blog. I’ve been very busy traveling.
Anyways, I had a huge last week at school. School ended really really fun with a huge party. Everyone got on the stage and they put on cool songs that everyone liked. The last song was called Magic – it is a famous song for the World Cup and it is by Magic System. Everyone in the school got on the stage, clapping, jumping up and down, screaming and singing. Even my little brother got on stage. It finished at midnight! I hope my old school does that when I get back!
Before the finale song I had to get up on stage with my class and I danced to the song Royals by Lord.
I do gymnastics with my sister and we had to do a gymnastics performance. In French it is called a “spectac”, which means a striking performance or display.
We did a flashmob to the song “Happy”. It was amazing because there were so many people performing and watching. I am excited to go to gymnastics when it starts again.

School is finished now and it’s summer holidays for me. I am on holidays for 2 months. Over the holidays I am doing summer school and summer activities like roller blading, horse riding and gymnastique artistique. It’s like cheerleading. I will write about my recent traveling in other blogs.

That’s all for now. BYE from Kalani.


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