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First time Camping

Hi on Saturday and Sunday I went camping. It was awesome! First we arrived and went for a swim in the river, it was freezing! We caught tadpoles. Our friends were there too, Dylan and Sabine. Next we ate carrots, cheese, biscuits, baguette, chips, cucumber and for dinner, we had pasta. After dinner we went down to the beach and built a camp fire and toasted marsmallows. It was delicious. We all stayed up until 11.00pm. Our tent was cozy. Camping was amazing because I liked listening to the river and waking up to the birds.

In the morning we didn’t stay long. We went for a swim and packed up. It was my first time camping and it was n France! I LOVE FRANCE and most of all I LOVED CAMPING!!!!

IMG_1427 IMG_1457 IMG_1482

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