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First day at school

on May 24, 2014



Mum said I wasn’t allowed to write this (because I was still being home schooled) but now I can.


My first day was on Thursday. I have met a lot of nice girls in my class. My favourite friends IN FRANCE are called Chloe and Prin because they are very nice to me. Chloe reminds me of my best friend in Australia, Evie. At school I get a three course meal. On Friday I had salad, fish and chips, Camembert cheese on bread and then mixed fruit for dessert. The school provides a three course meal because they are avoiding kids bringing in junk food. I think it is a good idea. School starts at 8.30 so I have to wake up at 7.20am. We work for one hour, have a little break then work for two hours and then we have lunch/play for two hours! We do another hour of school work and then have another little break, then it’s back to school and I finish at 4.30! I go to school four days of the week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Even though I don’t speak French I copy whatever is on the blackboard onto my book so I write things in French. I reckon I will pick up French quickly. The French school is just like my Australian school – there are annoying boys watching you and copying everything you do. There is an asphalt playground and there is also a “playroom” which I didn’t have in Australia. In the playroom you can make bracelets, play ping pong, play board games, draw on the white board or just draw on a piece of paper. Oh I eat lunch in a cafeteria which is the size of two classrooms. I eat with the kids in my year and the year 6 kids. Also I have a choice if I want to go home during lunch or eat at school. I have been staying at school. I don’t have to wear a school uniform and I think that is good for now because it’s a new experience.

My little sister goes to the same school too.

I am enjoying being at a French school a lot even though I miss my mum teaching me (a little bit). It’s nice to have friends of my own age. I think going to a French school is a good experience and I’m very lucky!




2 responses to “First day at school

  1. I enjoy your posts kalani. Next post could you use some French words. I am really pleased you and tahina are at a French school. You will speak French very soon and it will be a great experience for you both. I am very excited for you. Love Russ.


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