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Carcassonne and Andorra.

on May 13, 2014

Hello, a few weeks ago on a Saturday I went to Carcassonne. It is a walled city. It was a castle. The castle was huge. It has 53 towers. We even saw a dungeon and a huge well. It was very windy. Mum and Dad said we could get a toy. Tahina and I got a bow and arrows and Cohen got a sword and shield. Then we ordered our dinner. While we waited, we played with our toys. We shot our arrows and Cohen hit back our arrows with his sword. It was really fun. We had nugget and chips for dinner and ice cream for dessert. 



We stayed at Mercure Hotel. It was awesome because they had a huge room! On Sunday I went on a two hour drive to a country called Andorra. We had lunch there. The capital city of Andorra is La Vella. Andorra is the sixth smallest nation in Europe. Andorra was beautiful. On the way there and back we saw snow and it was AMAZING! The only bad thing was that it was a five hour drive to get back to Anglet! 



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