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The Pyrenees.

on May 2, 2014

Hi today I will be talking about the Pyrenees. Pyrenees is a range of mountains in Europe. They form a natural boarder between France and Spain. There are 50 mountains. The highest mountain is called Aneto. The mountain also separates the Iberain Peninsula from the rest of Europe. It is about 491 km from the bay of Biscay. The main crests from the mountains form a massive divider between France and Spain. With the tiny country Andorra in between. 

The crown of Aragon and the Kingdom of Navarre have extended on both sides of the mountains. Now there is small portions in France and much bigger parts in Spain. 

Here is a photo. We didn’t take this photo but I chose it because it looks really pretty. 



2 responses to “The Pyrenees.

  1. Lynda ison says:

    How well saying Kalani;very nice indeed! the country of french.how lucky you are to be in that wonderfull country!,lots of history to lern;enjoy your wonderful experience sweety w/ your mum,dad,sister n’ brother.be safe and well.Before n’ after you go to bed,always say a little pray to “PAPA-JESUS” to guide n’ protect you all always.missing you all so much!big hug n’ kiss to all.lots of love,mama-lynda n’ poppy

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