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San Sebastian.

on May 2, 2014


Hi, the other day we had Cohen’s friend Dylan coming over for a play. Cohen can’t wait until he gets here. They like playing lego together. Sometimes Tahina joins in with them and plays with her lego. Image 

Also a couple of days ago we drove to Spain because we just wanted to see what it was like. It took half an hour in a car driving. We are very close to the Spanish border that’s why it was quick. 

We went to San Sebastian, ate lunch and had ice cream. Tahina, Cohen and I even had a treasure hunt. At the restaurant, they gave out little swords with your meals. So we looked for them and collected them. We have 12 swords all together. 

Tahina and Cohen sometimes fight over them but that’s ok. That’s all for now. 




One response to “San Sebastian.

  1. Lynda ison says:

    thanks for updated us about all your expe’rience,kalani.we’re so glad,you having a wonderful time.good to know all the history of all the places you go!something you always remember,until the time you all come back home(australia),and tell to all your friends all your experience.be safe and well;big hugs n’ kiss to all.may “GOD” bless and keep you all safe.lots of love,mama-lynda n’ poppy…p.s On 19th,-may-2014,we’re off to philippines for 6x weeks.will keep in touch…

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