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on May 2, 2014

Hi, Yesterday we went to the Pyrenees in Spain with our friends. It was cool because our car was parked in France but we were having lunch in Spain. All the kids played in the forest and saw caves. We did that for a while just exploring around the forest. Then my dad came and found us and said it was time for lunch. We had fish, omelette,tomato, salami, asparagus, bread and lettuce. With the fish they served chips so everyone made a chip sandwich.

When lunch was finished we got out the skateboards and rode them down the big hill. Tahina was on Dylan’s toy bike (Dylan is Cohen’s friend) Dylan was on his skateboard, Cohen was on his skateboard and I as on Dylans other skateboard.

When the adults said time to leave we went on a walk through the forest. We saw a cave with a hole in it so we went in side it was really dark and small the tunnel  but when we got to the cave part it was huge. when we walked up a hill and Dylan’s mum said run down the other side of the hill and take a path the adults will take the road. We did and saw some donkeys. We met the adults and walked up another hill. At the top there was a lot of sheep poo and Dylan’s mum Sabine threw it at all the kids and it turned into a poo fight! We even threw it at the dads. Dylan’s dad Richard got the most poo thrown at him!

Finally we walked back and drove home. It was a really fun day (:





4 responses to “Pyrenees

  1. Vanessa Ambler says:

    Hi Kalani,
    That all sounds really fun. Love the photo of you and the donkey!
    Love Ness

  2. Eileen Collins says:

    Hi Kalani,

    Your trip sounds amazing – I love the photos too!

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