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First day at school



Mum said I wasn’t allowed to write this (because I was still being home schooled) but now I can.


My first day was on Thursday. I have met a lot of nice girls in my class. My favourite friends IN FRANCE are called Chloe and Prin because they are very nice to me. Chloe reminds me of my best friend in Australia, Evie. At school I get a three course meal. On Friday I had salad, fish and chips, Camembert cheese on bread and then mixed fruit for dessert. The school provides a three course meal because they are avoiding kids bringing in junk food. I think it is a good idea. School starts at 8.30 so I have to wake up at 7.20am. We work for one hour, have a little break then work for two hours and then we have lunch/play for two hours! We do another hour of school work and then have another little break, then it’s back to school and I finish at 4.30! I go to school four days of the week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Even though I don’t speak French I copy whatever is on the blackboard onto my book so I write things in French. I reckon I will pick up French quickly. The French school is just like my Australian school – there are annoying boys watching you and copying everything you do. There is an asphalt playground and there is also a “playroom” which I didn’t have in Australia. In the playroom you can make bracelets, play ping pong, play board games, draw on the white board or just draw on a piece of paper. Oh I eat lunch in a cafeteria which is the size of two classrooms. I eat with the kids in my year and the year 6 kids. Also I have a choice if I want to go home during lunch or eat at school. I have been staying at school. I don’t have to wear a school uniform and I think that is good for now because it’s a new experience.

My little sister goes to the same school too.

I am enjoying being at a French school a lot even though I miss my mum teaching me (a little bit). It’s nice to have friends of my own age. I think going to a French school is a good experience and I’m very lucky!




My Dad goes to work


Hi on Tuesday my Dad left to go to work for a month. I don’t like it when he leaves. Dad is flying for two days to get to Papua New Guinea. He goes from San Sebastian, Spain to Madrid then to Dubai to Manila then to Port Moresby and finally a helicopter to his work site! It’s a lot of planes to catch. I miss him already. Mum drove us home from Spain. 

Also three days ago sprained my arm when I fell off the swing. It hurt but it’s getting better. 

Today is just an ordinary day. We woke up, had breakfast and did our chores. Then we did 4 hours of school work. I get home schooled. After school we went to the beach to play and then went home. Nothing exciting but it’s fun! 

Oh, before Dad left, we bought Cohen a punching bag because Cohen loves boxing. He is really good. 




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My Day

Hi yesterday was a beautiful day. It was boiling hot. It’s funny because the sun was out and it was hot, no wind. Today there is no sun and it is cold and wind. Anyway, I went to the beach. I didn’t swim too much because the water was feezing. After our swim I went home and met my friend Rochell. I went to the beach with her again. We only swam a little bit. Then we climbed on the rocks, it was fun. 

After a while we went home to Rochell’s grandma’s house. We played with the two dogs, Figaro and Zita. next we played hide and seek or “cache-cache”. She also taught me the word ‘balencoire’ which means ‘swing’. Soon it was time to go. It was a great day! 


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Carcassonne and Andorra.

Hello, a few weeks ago on a Saturday I went to Carcassonne. It is a walled city. It was a castle. The castle was huge. It has 53 towers. We even saw a dungeon and a huge well. It was very windy. Mum and Dad said we could get a toy. Tahina and I got a bow and arrows and Cohen got a sword and shield. Then we ordered our dinner. While we waited, we played with our toys. We shot our arrows and Cohen hit back our arrows with his sword. It was really fun. We had nugget and chips for dinner and ice cream for dessert. 



We stayed at Mercure Hotel. It was awesome because they had a huge room! On Sunday I went on a two hour drive to a country called Andorra. We had lunch there. The capital city of Andorra is La Vella. Andorra is the sixth smallest nation in Europe. Andorra was beautiful. On the way there and back we saw snow and it was AMAZING! The only bad thing was that it was a five hour drive to get back to Anglet! 



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My Dad

Hi. I will be talking about my dad. He is 40 years old. 

My dad is called Damien. He has blue eyes and curly hair. He also has a spiky beard and a soft moustache. His eye brows are very hairy. His hair colour is blonde. His skin is bumpy and a bit red. 

Dad’s favourite thing to do is go surfing. Dad’s favourite food is green mango. His best friend is Jason. Dad works in Papua New Guinea and loves to travel. 

I love my dad. He is the best!


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The Pyrenees.

Hi today I will be talking about the Pyrenees. Pyrenees is a range of mountains in Europe. They form a natural boarder between France and Spain. There are 50 mountains. The highest mountain is called Aneto. The mountain also separates the Iberain Peninsula from the rest of Europe. It is about 491 km from the bay of Biscay. The main crests from the mountains form a massive divider between France and Spain. With the tiny country Andorra in between. 

The crown of Aragon and the Kingdom of Navarre have extended on both sides of the mountains. Now there is small portions in France and much bigger parts in Spain. 

Here is a photo. We didn’t take this photo but I chose it because it looks really pretty. 



San Sebastian.


Hi, the other day we had Cohen’s friend Dylan coming over for a play. Cohen can’t wait until he gets here. They like playing lego together. Sometimes Tahina joins in with them and plays with her lego. Image 

Also a couple of days ago we drove to Spain because we just wanted to see what it was like. It took half an hour in a car driving. We are very close to the Spanish border that’s why it was quick. 

We went to San Sebastian, ate lunch and had ice cream. Tahina, Cohen and I even had a treasure hunt. At the restaurant, they gave out little swords with your meals. So we looked for them and collected them. We have 12 swords all together. 

Tahina and Cohen sometimes fight over them but that’s ok. That’s all for now. 



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We’re in France!

Hi, I am in France! 

This is how we got here from Manila. We woke up at 4:00 in the morning and got a taxi to the airport. We went through customs and immigration. Then we finally got on the plane to London. It took 15 hours to get there. Next we got a shuttle bus to our hotel, Holiday Inn, where we would stay the night. In the morning after breakfast, we got another bus to the airport and got the plane to France. It took 2 hours. When we got off the plane we saw our friend. His name is Dylan. He is mostly Cohen’s friend though. When we got out of the airport, we had a look at our new car. Then we drove to our new house. 

It is amazing! I get my own room and I hope to learn French. I am going to Cohen’s friends school and his two sisters but they are teenagers. 

That’s all! GOODBYE!!! 


My brother Cohen, my sister Tahina, me and my dad at Heathrow Airport. Image


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Hi, Yesterday we went to the Pyrenees in Spain with our friends. It was cool because our car was parked in France but we were having lunch in Spain. All the kids played in the forest and saw caves. We did that for a while just exploring around the forest. Then my dad came and found us and said it was time for lunch. We had fish, omelette,tomato, salami, asparagus, bread and lettuce. With the fish they served chips so everyone made a chip sandwich.

When lunch was finished we got out the skateboards and rode them down the big hill. Tahina was on Dylan’s toy bike (Dylan is Cohen’s friend) Dylan was on his skateboard, Cohen was on his skateboard and I as on Dylans other skateboard.

When the adults said time to leave we went on a walk through the forest. We saw a cave with a hole in it so we went in side it was really dark and small the tunnel  but when we got to the cave part it was huge. when we walked up a hill and Dylan’s mum said run down the other side of the hill and take a path the adults will take the road. We did and saw some donkeys. We met the adults and walked up another hill. At the top there was a lot of sheep poo and Dylan’s mum Sabine threw it at all the kids and it turned into a poo fight! We even threw it at the dads. Dylan’s dad Richard got the most poo thrown at him!

Finally we walked back and drove home. It was a really fun day (:





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