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Arlee and Monica

on March 26, 2014

Hi yesterday Arlee and Monica came over. My Aunty Grace went to get them. It worked out well because it takes one hour to get there. Aunty Grace will probably stay for an hour or two. Then it will take another hour to get back. We do four hours of school work so by the time they come back, we will have finished school.
Tahina and I want to hang out with Arlee and Monica. I am really looking forward to playing with them.


2 responses to “Arlee and Monica

  1. Evie Livermore 💥 says:

    Hi kalani I really miss u and when are u coming back home

  2. kalanihodge says:

    Hi Evie I miss you to even my mum misses you. We are coming back just to visit in December and we might spend my 10th birthday there!

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