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Whitewater World

on March 23, 2014

Hi on Tuesday I went to Whitewater World with Leila and Nairi. It was so much fun. I also went with Jason, Natasha, Nina, Jaz, Dylan, Sab and Rich and mum and dad and Tahina and Cohen. 

Leila and I always went in the Green Room because I always like to go backwards. On the Green Room there was a really big drop. It was so much fun, when you went backwards, you didn’t know when the drop was going to come. We also went on a different ride called the Hydrocoaster. It was super fun because it had heaps of drops when you least expected it. One of the big drops was when you were in the dark tunnel and you didn’t know it was going to come and all of a sudden it dropped. It was so much fun! 

There was also a ride called The Rip. It was in the dark and you would go around and around in it and then at the end you would spin around two times and go inside a little tube and then it would go dark and then you popped out! It was one of the best rides.

We went to play in the water park and there was a water slide that Leila and I would race down on. Even though it was small, it was still awesome. 

This is me with Leila and Jaz.





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