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Sunny’s Birthday and Jumping off Hastings Bridge

on March 23, 2014








This is me playing Dogbone. 

On the sunday before we left, I went to Cohen’s friend’s Sunny’s birthday. We played a game called Dogbone and Cohen won that game and when we finished the game, Indi and I climbed a tree. It was so much fun. Then we went walking to the middle of the lake and there was an island in the middle so we just played there. We came back when it was time for the pinata. Everyone had a turn at whacking it. Because it was so full from all the lollies it fell apart so they had to tape it up. Because everyone was whacking it, they couldn’t get through the tap so Sunny’s dad had to whack it and then everyone was wrestling to try and get the lollies out of it. 

After the pinata, we played in the park and climbed. Tahina and I jumped from the very top of the climbing triangle. It was scary jumping down. Then we all had cake. It was delicious. 

After cake, everyone started to go home. Everyone except Sunny’s family, Indi’s family and our family. We stayed so we could jump off Hastings Bridge. It was SO AWESOME! It was my first jump off a bridge. I also did it off the railing after getting used to a few jumps. Jumping off Hastings Bridge was the best thing ever! BYE


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