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on March 23, 2014

Hi right now I’m in Cabaritta looking at the ocean. Our hotel is more like an apartment. It has a whole lounge room. Mum and dad’s room is huge. It has a walk in wardrobe and a giant bathroom too. 

Tahina and Cohen share a bedroom. I get my own room with my own bathroom. I sleep in a double bed. Our hotel also has heaps of pools. It has one baby pool, toddler pool, a bar pool, a lap pool and a spa. 

I have my own key to get in so I can go down to the grass and just play around or go to the pool or stay home alone. The best part is that when mum and dad are out I am the boss! I also love hanging out with Leila and Indianna. Tahina plays with Nairi, Leila’s little sister. Cohen plays with Navrin, Indianna’s little brother. Oh I forgot to say that the name of our hotel is Cabaritta Beach Hotel in Cabaritta. 

I love staying in Queensland. This is one of the best holidays ever! Good 🙂 <3!




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