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on February 24, 2014



Hi I am back in Sydney and I went to the school to visit my friends. My best friend Evie is the one looking at the camera I am going to have a sleepover at her house on Friday with another one of my best friends is Jaida. We didn’t do much at school we just talked which is pretty much what we do. The really fun thing that we did was tie all of our shoe laces together it didn’t end very well one of my other best friends Merryn couldn’t get the lace undone luckily my friend Alysia got it undone right when the bell rang for the end of lunch.  When we left we went to Russ and Josie’s house. No one was home so we went inside and went for a swim. It was FFFFRRRRREEEEEEZZZZZIIIINNG so we got out. We tried to go fishing but we only had a small net not any bate or rods so we didn’t catch anything. When our cousins Harlow, Harlem and Luxy came I played with Luxy she is six months old, Tahina played with Harlow whose five and Harlem whose three while Cohen played my ipad. We played for a while but soon it was time to go it was a awesome day.   


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  1. Atticus says:

    Hi Kalani!!! Welcome back to Australia. This is Atticus. Do you remember me? I had such a good time playing with you in the Philippines. Mum and I have just started reading your blog. Sherman said to say he likes to read it at work it’s much more interesting than his job!! Have a fun time seeing all you friends. Maybe we’ll see you again sometime. Bye for now. Love Atticus

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