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My cousins visiting.

on February 17, 2014


On Saturday my cousins and Aunty and Uncle came and slept over. There was three of my cousins, Sydney, seven, Monica, 14, Arlee, 16. Allan is my cousin too but he is older so I call him uncle and Jane is his wife. On the first day they arrived, they arrived late. They said they were coming at 4.00pm but came at 6.30pm. So for dinner mum cooked two lasagnes, one hawaiian pizza and one pepperoni pizza. 

Then the adults went out to do something with Arlee and Monica. The kids stayed at home. It was getting late so we decided to go to bed. In the morning Arlee and Monica went to a k-pop convention. Allan and Jane went to Montalban and Sydney stated with us. We went for a swim. Then we went to Market Market to buy a TV for Allan and Jan as their wedding present. Mum needed dad’s permission and he wouldn’t call so we left. We went back to the apartment to lay. Dad called so mum went back to buy it. By the time she came back everyone was back so it was time to say goodbye. It was an awesome two days. Bye!


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