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Australia, France, Active Fun.

on February 5, 2014

Hey guys last night I was in bed nice and early to be a cheerleader in the morning. I couldn’t wait! Oh and guess what? I’m going back to Australia but not for good. I have two more years of traveling! Oh and In April I am moving to……dun dun dun dun……FRANCE!!!!! Yay to travel Europe! I can’t wait to go! Anyway back to Australia –  I don’t know exactly when we are going but we’re going soon. I think?  Well at least I know Im going. 

Oh cheerleading is for a kid Olympics so I have practiced. 

Hello again.

Guess what? I got a toaster! I know it’s not that amazing but before we didn’t have a toaster and we had to cook the bread in the oven and it took for ever. Anyway this morning I went for a run at 6.30 and ran to Market Market and back. When I finished I went for a swim with Cohen, it was fun.

Oh today we are going to Active Fun with Ethan. Active Fun is an indoor play centre for kids. We are going at 2.40. It’s going to be so much fun. Yay! Bye



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