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Shibuya, DisneySea and Disneyland!

on January 10, 2014

We left Toshi’s Pension and caught a bus to Narita Station and then caught a train to Tokyo and then another train to Shibuya.


At Shibuya we stayed at APA Hotel and spent two days in the city. We went to Shibuya Crossing and we walked around the city. IMG_0911_2 IMG_0913_2

After Shibuya, we caught a train back to Tokyo Station then went on the Keiko Line and caught a train to Maihama Station and then got a monorail to Sheraton Grande Hotel and then a bus to the entrance of the hotel which was sort of useless because it was only 48 seconds to the hotel!

We were staying the the Sheraton Grande hotel right next to Disneyland! The hotel was AWESOME! It was the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in. It was awesome because it had a games room, arcade games, a playroom and the rooms were HUGE!


On the afternoon that we got there, we went to DisneySea. It was very crowded and not many rides. We only got to go on 1 ride called Raging Spirits. It was awesome we did a loop the loop. The only thing that bothered me was the line because we had to wait for two hours. Mum and Cohen were lucky they went on heaps of rides.  When we finished we went back to our hotel and had a huge buffet. It was delicious.

IMG_0957_2 IMG_0962

When we woke up we went straight to Disneyland we had to line up for ages though. Finally we go past and went straight to Big Thunder Mountain and it was amazing! We didn’t even have to line up because we got a fast pass. The next ride we went on was called “It’s a small world”, it was an amazing boat ride. Afterwards, we went on another ride called Star Tours and it was so cool.


Then we went on Space Mountain ride it was so cool they really made it like you were in space. The last ride we went on was called called Pooh’s Honey Hunt. It was really cool, we went inside his dream and the actual ride was inside a giant story book. It was meant to be one of the best rides there and it was.


When we went back to our hotel we went straight down stairs a got the buffet again it was delicious.




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