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The new Sunrise.

on January 4, 2014


Mum wants me to talk about a ceremony that we went to here in Japan. It’s the first sunrise of the New Year. We went on top of the mountain with Toshi, the owner of our Pension, and the most senior skier in the country made a speech about the sun and after the speech, somebody else played a tune on a harmonica. When the song finished everybody lined up and held up a sign and we took a group photo. There was also a man making a video footage and mum said it could be shown on t.v. While we went to the ceremony, Tahina chose to stay back in the Pension, stayed in bed playing the computer! The sun was very bright and didn’t last very long because the clouds blocked it. I think that was a good way to start the year, specially doing it on top of a mountain in the snow, in Japan.


The most senior Skier of the area and the man playing a tune on his harmonica. 


The first sunrise. 


Dad, Toshi, Cohen and me. 



Anyway, it’s two more days until we go to Disneyland and I can’t wait. I have no idea what it’s going to be like and I want to wake up at midnight and go on all the rides! But it’s most likely I won’t do that. 


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