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Lots of Snow

on January 2, 2014

Yesterday we went snowboarding in the morning and in the afternoon we went sledding down the mountain. Mum said I wasn’t allowed to do it because only skiers and snowboarders go down the mountain. I asked her why can’t I be the first one to do it? So I did it and it was awesome! It was so fast. The second go down, Tahina fell off her sled and it slid down the mountain and so she had to go down on mine with me. It was so much fun.

Today it snowed ALL day! The snow was so fluffy and soft but it was also deep. Cohen got stuck in it and we couldn’t find him for ages!  Mum and Dad were ready to call the Rescue Snowmobile. He went up to the meeting point on top of the hill at the tree and Mum found him. Mum snowboarded down with him and we all met up at the restaurant at the bottom of the hill.

We all met up and had chips, hot chocolate, chocolate and pizza. We played with a little baby and then we left. We took the chairlift up the hill and went up to the Children’s Park and sled down the mountain without getting stuck in snow. On the last go down before it shut, we got to go down on a round tyre and it spun around and around. The day was so fun but before we left, Tahina, Dad and I went into a restaurant and ordered chocolate cake, cheesecake, nuts and Dad had coffee and beer.




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