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Japan and Uncle Jal

on December 18, 2013


We finally got our accommodation for the snow. I can’t wait! It’s going to be the first time I’ve ever seen snow. Dad’s coming home in six days so that means only seven more days until we go to the snow! I want to go skiing, snowboarding and taboganning. I’m also going to make snowman, a snow angel, a wall of snowballs and have a snowball fight with Tahina and Cohen. I also want to play snowball bowling and bild a house out of snow balls. Well at least try to. I really can’t to go to the snow. 

Oh I also spent the whole afternoon with my favourite uncle, uncle Jal. He helped me get up to Stage seven in coding. He also taught me a bit of geometry, variables and assumptions and sleight of hand or I just learn it is also called prestidigitation or quick fingers. It was a lot to learn but it was sooooo awesome! Uncle Jal is the best uncle ever. 



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