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Gymnastics Show Day.

on December 17, 2013



I do gymnastics and it was really fun and I was given a gold medal for Show Day. Show Day was really fun because all the parents got to come in and watch us do gymnastics. My favourite skill is a pull over front support on a bar. I think next year I’m going to work on my backward extension rolls and front handsprings. 

Gymnastics is really fun and my friend Isis wants to join next year. Hopefully she is really good so she can join in the advanced class with us. 

I enjoy gymnastics because gymnastics is what I always like to do and I do it every second year. I started to do it when I was four and then I did ballet and then I did dancing. I also like it because it keeps me fit and I meet lots of new friends like Maya, Summer, Bea and Tasha. 

My teachers are teacher Jopet, teacher Abby and teacher Rizza. They are really fun teachers and I’ve learnt so much from them. 



One response to “Gymnastics Show Day.

  1. Hi kalani’s, Your gymnastics is awesome. I am a bit of a gymnast myself. My particular expertise is the pullover. I prefer the yellow pullover with red stripes but any colour will do. Zai tien kalani.

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