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A new friend

on December 4, 2013


Yesterday Aunty Grace took us down to the park. First I played with my ball and then I saw a really cute puppy so I asked if I could pat it and the owner said yes. The puppy dog’s name is Taco. He is so cute, he is like a tiger. I gave Taco my ball and he started chewing on it and then instead of chewing on the ball, he chewed on my foot and it tickled.

Taco left so I played with another dog and then a baby came over to the dog. His name is Ethan and his mum is from Canada. She started asking me questions and she asked me where I lived. I said that I lived in Belagio 2 she said that she lives in Belagio 3. We started to play with Ethan. We played space ships. We played so well that Hannah the mum gave aunty Grace her number. When we returned to our apartment we went for a swim and asked if Ethan wanted to swim too. Ethan came down and we swam with him. By the way Ethan is 2 years old. Today Ethan and his mum are  going to maybe have a look at our apartment.


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