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Bonifacio Passion Festival

on December 3, 2013


Yesterday I went to Bonifacio Passion Festival. First we had lunch at Figaro. Tahina, Cohen and I shared a huge chocolate cookie shake. Next we registered to play all the games. We played a game called Luksong Tinik, where you have to jump over the hands. I jumped over 5 hands and they weren’t normal hands, they were gigantic foam hands. For my prize I got a coconut juice. Then we got to play another game. I can’t remember what it’s called but this is how you play: first you choose a giant slipper and then you have to try and knock the giant can down.


For the last game we went though a giant maze and it was so fun. When we finished the games we went for a kalesa ride, we went from Fifth Avenue to Eleventh Avenue. A kalesa ride is when they take you on a horse and carriage.


After the ride, we ate Bibingka. Bibingka is a flat muffin cooked in banana leaves. We also had Puto Tak Tak it was delicious.


When we finished our food we watched a show. I don’t know what it was called because it was all in Tagalog. When the show finished we went home and because it was like 9:00 we had to go straight to bed. Goodbye.



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