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Guess where I am? I’m in the snow in Japan!!!!. It is so cold. This is how I got here.

First we stayed at Radisson Hotel in Narita. Then got a bus to Tokyo Station. After we got a bullet train to Nagano. Then we got a rickety old train to Iiyama. Next we got a bus to Madarao, finally Toshi the owner of our resort took us to Madarao Elm Pension our resort.

Anyway, the snow is so fluffy and the most AWESOME thing about the snow is that we can have asesome snow ball fights. It’s so fun.

I love the snow!

Practising my Japanese. 


Our very first lift tickets.


Me. Snowboarding for the very first time.Image

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We’re in Japan and it’s freezing old here. Tomorrow we are going to the snow so today we are going to the mall to buy snow clothes. 

My favourite thing about Japan is the heated toilet seats! Japan is my favourite country so ar. Our hotel, Radisson Hotel in Narita is huge. It has a golf course, a kids playground, a basketball court, a huge garden, an outdoor pool, an outdoor baby pool, a play room, a restaurant, a sports bar and the hallways are huge. I got lost in it!

So far I love Japan and I think is is AWESOME!


Me with my little sister Tahina


My school work. I’m teaching myself Japanese.Image

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Dad, Japan and Rock Climbing

Dad gets home tomorrow. I can’t wait to see him. When he gets home tomorrow that means one more day until Christmas and Japan. I can’t wait to get to Tokyo. I can’t believe I’m going to see snow! 

This morning Tahina had a good idea of how to make ice skates. You get two combs, strap them onto your shoes, then you can ice skate around the hosue. Unfortunately mum won’t let us do that so we use socks and that’s really really fun and AWESOME!!!

Also yesterday we went Rock Climbing. I played a game where you time yourself. I played four times. Here are my times: 

1. 53.00seconds

2. 48.49 seconds

3. 40.19 seconds

4. 43.18 seconds. 

Rock Climbing was the best. 




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My afternoon with Isis.

Last Thursday night I went over to Isis’ apartment to play. First we went upstairs and played on her ipad. We watched Monster High only because we were practising cheer leading and the start of the show was a cheer leading song. Next we put on a fashion show. I put on a dress and put a skirt on as a top and put in sparkly pom poms. Then we bounced on the bed. 

After our fashion show it was dinner time. We had spaghetti with brocolli, carrots and corn. For dessert we had ice cream. Finally Tom, the dad gave me a book called “The Weefree Men” and dropped me home. It was AWESOME! 

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Japan and Uncle Jal


We finally got our accommodation for the snow. I can’t wait! It’s going to be the first time I’ve ever seen snow. Dad’s coming home in six days so that means only seven more days until we go to the snow! I want to go skiing, snowboarding and taboganning. I’m also going to make snowman, a snow angel, a wall of snowballs and have a snowball fight with Tahina and Cohen. I also want to play snowball bowling and bild a house out of snow balls. Well at least try to. I really can’t to go to the snow. 

Oh I also spent the whole afternoon with my favourite uncle, uncle Jal. He helped me get up to Stage seven in coding. He also taught me a bit of geometry, variables and assumptions and sleight of hand or I just learn it is also called prestidigitation or quick fingers. It was a lot to learn but it was sooooo awesome! Uncle Jal is the best uncle ever. 



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Seeing our family.

Yesterday was just a normal day. We did school work and then went for a swim. But it’s good that today’s more EXCITING! We’re doing school work and then going to Marikina Post Office to collect more school work!

After the post office, we will finally go to see our family and to try on our dress for the wedding. Oh and the best thing that’s happened today is that mum booked our flight to Japan. She also booked our accommodation for Tokyo but we’re still waiting on an email from the ski resort to say we can book it. I have other work to do. SEE YA!


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My Mum


Today I’m doing news on my mum. 

My mum was born on the 22nd of October 1974. Her real name is Nanci. She loves the colour yellow and doesn’t like fake flowers. 

She was born in the Philippines but moved to Australia when she was nine years old. 

Her favourite things are m&m’s, running on the treadmill and rocky road ice cream. 

That’s my AWESOME MUM!



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Gymnastics Show Day.



I do gymnastics and it was really fun and I was given a gold medal for Show Day. Show Day was really fun because all the parents got to come in and watch us do gymnastics. My favourite skill is a pull over front support on a bar. I think next year I’m going to work on my backward extension rolls and front handsprings. 

Gymnastics is really fun and my friend Isis wants to join next year. Hopefully she is really good so she can join in the advanced class with us. 

I enjoy gymnastics because gymnastics is what I always like to do and I do it every second year. I started to do it when I was four and then I did ballet and then I did dancing. I also like it because it keeps me fit and I meet lots of new friends like Maya, Summer, Bea and Tasha. 

My teachers are teacher Jopet, teacher Abby and teacher Rizza. They are really fun teachers and I’ve learnt so much from them. 


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Pedicure Manicure and Tinikling

Last night mum took Tahina and I out for a pedicure and a manicure at Nail and Co. It was relaxing. First I got my feet washed and they put bubblegum gel on my feet. Then they moisturised my feet then they did the same thing to my hands. Finally they painted my nails sparkly fluro pink. Tahina got hers painted sparkly gold. Mum chose plain light pink.

Oh I forgot to post something. My aunty taught me how to to a traditional Filipino dance its called Tinikling they use bamboo sticks and clap them together and you have to put your feet in them and it turns into a dance. It’s really fun but you have to be careful because you might get your feet banged with the bamboo. Well I have more school work to do so goodbye.

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A new friend


Yesterday Aunty Grace took us down to the park. First I played with my ball and then I saw a really cute puppy so I asked if I could pat it and the owner said yes. The puppy dog’s name is Taco. He is so cute, he is like a tiger. I gave Taco my ball and he started chewing on it and then instead of chewing on the ball, he chewed on my foot and it tickled.

Taco left so I played with another dog and then a baby came over to the dog. His name is Ethan and his mum is from Canada. She started asking me questions and she asked me where I lived. I said that I lived in Belagio 2 she said that she lives in Belagio 3. We started to play with Ethan. We played space ships. We played so well that Hannah the mum gave aunty Grace her number. When we returned to our apartment we went for a swim and asked if Ethan wanted to swim too. Ethan came down and we swam with him. By the way Ethan is 2 years old. Today Ethan and his mum are  going to maybe have a look at our apartment.


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