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Taiwan, Dad, Japan

on November 28, 2013

We flew back to the Philippines from Taiwan at 3:00 AM in the morning. When we got off the plane I was very tired. We got back to our apartment and went straight to bed. I was still very tired. What I liked most about Taiwan, are the people. They are helpful and nice. The thing that I didn’t like was that the toilet was in the ground! It was annoying because you couldn’t pee properly and it smelt gross!

We spent the last few days with dad because he was going back to work. It was good because Tahina Cohen and I all got to have one on one time with dad. Tahina got a movie. I spent the whole morning with dad and we went to the coffee shop and shared a  salmon and cream cheese bagel, a chocolate caramel lava cake and a pink guava juice. Cohen went down to the gym and did boxing. When they finished boxing dad and Cohen went for a swim in the pool.

Oh and guess were I’m going to be at christmas? I’m going to be in……… JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!. I cant wait to go, it’s going to be AWESOME! We’re going to fly into Tokyo and then stay in one of the ski resorts. I want to ski and snowboard. I need to get my aunty to teach me Japanese because she lived in Japan for 10 years and speaks fluent Japanese. well good bye or Zai Jian (chinese), or paa lam (tagalog) or  sayonara (japanese)


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