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The National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium

on November 20, 2013


On Sunday morning we left our hotel and we started driving back to Taitung. 

On the  way to Taitung we stopped at an Aquarium, The National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium. It was really cool and we saw heaps of different types of fish that I have never seen before. We watched the Beluga whale – it was so graceful. At first we thought it was a Dugong. 

I touched different types of sea creatures like a a star fish and it felt slimy and smooth,  a sea cucumber which was slimier than the starfish. I also touched a sea urchin. 

We even got to see an oyster farm. It was weird. They were hanging off pieces of string attached to bamboo.

There was one section where Daddy told us about how the rivers form. They formed by little drops of water running down the mountain and the ravines get deeper and deeper.

It was fun going there but the one thing that happened consistently was Tahina asking for food. Eventually we got ice cream and she was happy. 



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