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Taroko National Park

on November 20, 2013


Yesterday we wanted to get to Taipei City. We are currently in Hualien. Taipei City is about 4 hours away.

Before our trip to Taipei City we went to Taroko Gorge. It’s a gigantic gorge with heaps of mountains. We drove up the mountains and I saw six animals on the way. I saw two dogs, one bird and my favourite one that I saw were three monkeys! They were a bit strange because they all had red faces. They were really wild. When we got to the top of the mountain we tried heaps of different foods such as mushroom chips, peach honey, dried peach and mushroom jerky. My favourite was the peach honey. It was so cold, it was 4 degrees! Mummy let us have a hot chocolate. When we finished our hot chocolate, we stayed for a little longer and played with a dog called Bibi. The owner of the dog showed me how to do a trick with him. He put out his hand out and said “gaish ta ko” which means give me your hand in Mandarin. So he put his paw in my hand and I shook it.

We stopped at the Mountaineering School. Dad taught us about how the different plates crash together to form lines in the mountains and he taught us that the layers of the earth are the core, the lower mantel, upper mantel and the crust. 

It was going to take 6 hours to drive all the way to Taipei City through the mountains. Daddy decided to turn around and go back down the mountain because not only was it going to take 6 hours, the roads were going to get narrower, it was broken and it was all through the mountain. 


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