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Baisha Beach

on November 15, 2013


Yesterday we met Tiana at her school. To get to her school, we had to follow her mum, Denise to her school. Her school  is called “Baisha Bay”. It is a local school.

When we arrived Tiana was so exited she was jumping up and down and flicking her hair around and around, screaming she was so happy. She gave us a tour of the school and it was very hot. It’s a big school for only 80 students. In Tiana’s class there are only 11 kids. They do not have to wear a school uniform. I don’t why they don’t wear a school uniform. Maybe they don’t have enough money to sew the uniform for the kids? They don’t wear shoes in the class room. You have to take them off so you don’t dirty the floors. At lunch time instead of playing the kids and the teachers sleep!

Then the bell rang and Tiana told us that is the art class bell so Tiana had to go to class. I helped her finish her art work. It was a chinese puppet doll.

When she had finished we went to Baisha Bay beach and got ice cream. The beach was cold and deep. We played mermaids. After we swam we had dinner. Tiana and I shared pasta, Tahina and dad shared a hamburger , Cohen had nuggets and mum had nachos. After dinner Tiana and I did another episode of street food web show.

When we finished videoing,  I was thirsty so I bought some water and then I saw a tiny little cute doggie run up to me. It was adorable so we played with it for a while and then Tiana suggested that we do a dance routine. We jumped down off a tower and turned to the left then the right and did that five times. While we were doing that Tahina and Cohen did a cartwheel in between us  and then Tiana taught me how to do the best friend salsa dance but it looked more like a dance that a married couple would do. It was funny!. We had a great time Bye!.


2 responses to “Baisha Beach

  1. Evie Livermore 💥 says:

    Sounds fun.
    Really wet here, we miss you on the weekends.
    We are going roller skating on Saturday, wish you were here, xxxx

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