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The local school and the ghosts

on November 14, 2013

Last night at dinner we went to a restaurant called Bossa Nova. At the restaurant I met a girl called Tiana. She was from Scotland. It was fun playing with her. We made a short film movie and a web show called Street Food. We walked up the street to 7 eleven and filmed there. We had 50nt so we all bought ourselves a mini little milk box, but of course Tahina wanted icecream.

When we first met and we were sitting down Tiana told me that a tradition is that you’re not allowed to go into the ocean in August because of the GhOsTs in the water. They believe that if you go into the water you will get pulled under by the ghosts.

Also because Tiana and I had such a good time she invited me to go to her school and give me a tour and then we would go down to her favourite beach and for dinner we would go to a resturaunt. Her school is really different to Australia because they start school at 8:30 and end at 4:00 but have to be there at 7:30 to clean the school. Oh and don’t worry Evie your still my BFF and I’m going to send you something when I go back to the Philippines. Hi again 3J. I have to go Bye!


2 responses to “The local school and the ghosts

  1. russell says:

    ni hao Kalani. I find your posts very interesting keep them coming! Russ

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