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Jet Ski

on November 12, 2013


This is the float thing we were on, tied to the jet ski!

Yesterday we all got to get towed on the back of a jet ski and it was so fun. Mum kept on screaming like AAAAHHH AAAHH AAAHHH AHHH AAAH. Dad was worried that she was going to hyperventilate. I almost hyperventilated laughing. Mum even got the jet ski driver worried. He had to stop the jet ski twice to see if mum was ok. Tahina Cohen and I want to go on the jet ski again.

Tahina and I also went all the way out the back of the ocean and body surfed the huge waves. It was awesome. The best thing about Taiwan that I’ve seen so far is the beach; the water is so blue. Tahina is getting braver and braver in the ocean. Today the waves are a lot  smaller so it will be easier to body surf and dad even said he will take out his surf board so I can ride it. It’s going to be hard but I still can’t wait. Maybe they’ll get bigger throughout the day because that’s happened the last two days. The water here is almost as good as Berrara.

Berrara is a place that my grandpa owns back in Australia. It’s a caravan park and it’s really close to the beach. Berrara is one of my favourite places in Australia. It’s really fun there. I have met so many friends at Berrara. I love it there and we’re going to Berrara in February. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!(-:

BYE (-:

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