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Maybe Hong Kong

on November 11, 2013




Today mum and dad decided that we might be going straight from Taiwan all the way to Hong Kong! We may be going to Hong Kong because we have already seen most of Taiwan. We can’t really fly back to the Philippines because of Typhoon Haiyan. I’ve been seeing so many different parts of Taiwan and I want to see so many different parts of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is going to be the 3rd country I’ve been to other than the Philippines. I wonder what country we’re going to after Hong Kong? Maybe Japan.

Oh and we didn’t get to go on a Jet ski yesterday but we will today I hope. Also we have extended our hotel room for 2 more nights to book our flight to Hong Kong and because the surf is really fun to body surf in and to boogey board. A man lent me his board to surf. I love the beach and the good thing is Tahina is starting to body surf big waves now. She used to be so scared and only stayed on the sand and jump over waves now she dives under big waves instead of letting them dump her and she body surfs the big waves instead of running away. The water is so nice even mum got in as well only because Cohen might have drowned. He kept on getting dumped right out the back. I tried to pull him in but he was too heavy so mum had to come in other wise she wouldn’t have. I’ve got to go.


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