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Driving around Taiwan

on November 8, 2013


For the last two days we have been driving around Taiwan. Our first stop was at Hualien, 4 hours East of Taoyuan. The view of the mountains, waterfalls and the Pacific Ocean were amazing. It was the best view I have ever seen.

The hotel that we stayed at was really nice. However, before we checked in, first we went to a chicken shop for dinner. Dad just ticked any box on the menu card and they came back with a whole chicken. That means chicken feet, head and neck! Mum was grossed out so I got the chicken legs and scratched dad’s back with it and pretended to kiss the chicken!

We went back to our hotel and went on the balcony. At first we didn’t notice but there were mountains right in front of us. It was amazing but then it was bed time.

When it was morning we had our free Chinese food breakfast. They gave us eggs, ham, beans, carrots and watered down rice.  After breakfast we went into the garden and in the garden were llamas. Mum and dad went up to our room to pack while Tahina Cohen and I played with the llamas. Then mum came down and said it’s time to go. So we got into our rental car. Dad told me to remember all the information about the car and I do, it was: It only takes gas, Only go in the yellow lane, Highest speed is 100 kilometres and lowest speed is 60 kilometres.

Today we made our way down to Taitung, another 4 hours drive. Today we did something really special. We stopped at Tropic of Cancer Mark. It’s an imaginary line that goes around the earth. We ate mango ice cream. We stopped at 3 different beaches. On the very last one we built a little hut, a fake fire and a hammer. Tonight we are staying at Apple Hotel.

well goodnight.


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